Salut mes amis! 私はマイクです。I'm a completely random, humorously witty, & deeply interesting fellow with a great love for many things. So don't be shy, just say hi.

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    I usually don’t make posts like this but…

    I am looking for ***NON-HETEROSEXUAL MALES*** specifically to take my survey (though anyone can take it regardless of gender and sexual orientation). It is titled “Examining the Implications of Gay Sex Roles” and I’m using it to produce a piece of potential literature. I could use respondents. All answers are completely ANONYMOUS and only I can view the data generated.

    If interested, please follow the below link to the survey page:

    bewareofthechildren-deactivated asked
    What's your favorite store to shop in?

    I love Urban Outfitters, it’s like my go-to store for clothing. However, I think I’m going to start taking advice from more people to shop for things online more often so that I can get the same or relatively the same looking clothing at an extremely discounted price. :)

    bewareofthechildren-deactivated asked
    Ask for an ask Follow for a follow? How old are you? Where are you from?

    Sure. I’m going to be 22 this upcoming April 14th, and I’m from the ratchet area of Philadelphia, PA, USA.

    Anonymous asked
    Salut! Mike, do you mind if I borrow the image of the honey lips. Love it very much and I thought it will look great on my fb page :) Cheers, Gaudi

    Bonsoir. None of the pictures on my tumblr are really mine unless its an actual picture of me. I usually import them from outside sources and other blogs. So I dont mind at all. :)

    Anonymous asked
    are you french?

    I’m American, but I speak French and I’m currently learning Japanese. Though, I’d also really like to learn Korean and eventually Spanish. I also have an interest in Italian and Portuguese as well. If I could learn every language I would because I’m a huge linguaphile and lover of world cultures and travel.