Salut mes amis! 私はマイクです。I'm a completely random, humorously witty, & deeply interesting fellow with a great love for many things. So don't be shy, just say hi.

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    Anonymous asked
    are you french?

    I’m American, but I speak French and I’m currently learning Japanese. Though, I’d also really like to learn Korean and eventually Spanish. I also have an interest in Italian and Portuguese as well. If I could learn every language I would because I’m a huge linguaphile and lover of world cultures and travel.

    Anonymous asked
    Well, what's an individual without those traits? They wouldn't be very interesting company.

    Yes, well I am quite the interesting individual I would say. 

    Day 27 - Talk About Your Siblings

    - I’m the oldest of 4 (20 years old)

    - I have a full brother from my mom and my dad who is 18 and graduating tomorrow from High School. He’s really outgoing and athletic, and as of right now he wants to go to school for Nursing in the Fall. His name is Steven.

    - My half brother, Robbie, is from my mom and [good-for-nothing] stepdad. He’s 7 and just about finishing up 1st Grade. He’s cute and all but he can be really annoying and obnoxious, especially when paired with my 8 year old cousin Emily from next door. And one last thing… he’s obsessed with video games.

    - I also have a half sister from my dad and [whacko] [EX] step mom. Her name’s Gracie, she’s 6 and finishing up Kindergarten. I don’t see her a lot because my dad is never really around and my brother Steven and I don’t like traveling to my dad’s house because we can’t stand the Ex or her son. She’s somewhat timid and a bit of a girly girl, but sadly I’m not really around her enough to really know what she’s like. I just feel bad because she’s surrounded by a lot of weirdos, including my dad.

    Day 20 - The last argument you had?

    To be completely honest, I can’t even remember. Usually they’re over something relatively stupid or pointless… I can’t say I really get into huge arguments all that often. 

    Day 15 - The best thing to happen to you this week

    Is it bad that nothing particularly amazing happened to me this week? I havn’t done too much since the start of my Summer Break other than take it easy and relax, but as far as this week is concerned, I can’t say anything particularly horrible happened either. So I guess that’s OK? 

    Could be better, could be worse… at least I’m alive and healthy right?

    Day 11 - Your current relationship; if single, discuss how single life is

    Current Relationship Status: Single

    And I don’t plan on getting involved in a relationship anytime soon. Like I said before, relationships aren’t really something I stress myself over. If I’m single then I’m single, and if the right person happens to come a long and we’re meant for each other then so be it. I’d openly embrace a relationship that seemed right, but as of now and in the past, I’ve never been one to chase after Love. 

    Day 10 - Your views on drugs and alcohol

    As far as drugs and alcohol are concerned, I feel as though having a father who struggled with them most of his life and a mother that did her best to keep my brother and I away from that lifestyle, contributed greatly to my views on them. Even though I was young when my mother divorced my father for his problems with drugs and alcohol, as I got older I realized how it can tear families apart and how it continued to affect myself and those around me. Throughout my life, I can’t say I’ve ever gotten drunk… the most I’ve ever had was a glass of wine with dinner or a glass of champagne on New Years, and even then it wasn’t a full serving and I didn’t particularly like it. I don’t like the notion of drinking to get drunk because I like to be in full control of myself and aware of what’s going on around me, and I have a hard time accepting the things that were responsible for a lot of disappointment, sadness, and anger in my life. At times, I often want to say, who cares if people do drugs and alcohol, that’s their choice and I don’t have a problem with it as long as it’s not being done around me or affecting me directly. But then again, I always have that lingering voice in the back of my mind saying: Look what drugs and alcohol have done to your family and countless others’. But I can’t make my own decisions for other people. I really don’t mind if people choose to drink, I just don’t like seeing people wasted or all drugged up, especially if they’re friends and family, or someone I care about, because it fills me with a sense of pity for them and because I don’t want to see something bad happen to them or those around them because of their choice to engage in drug and alcohol use.

    Overall though, I do support the legalization of marijuana, and perhaps even lowering regulation on other substances because I feel as though when you completely restrict something or make it absolutely unattainable from a legal standpoint, people rebel—and people rebel by doing the things they “aren’t supposed to do.” Ever since the War on Drugs, crime rates have skyrocketed and prison populations have exploded. When we look at other countries, like a lot of Scandinavian countries, that have more lenient drug and alcohol laws and incredibly low crime rates, it almost makes you wonder: What are we doing wrong?

    Day 9 - Your last kiss

    6 words:

    I’m a bit of a prude.

    I’ve never been in a relationship before, and I don’t plan on that happening any time soon. I would never just kiss someone (or do anything else of that sort) just for the hell of it. If by, “your last kiss,” we’re talking a kiss with some sort of passion behind it then that would fall under my category of, “Things I Would Most Likely Not Do,” because I can’t say I’ve ever had feelings for a person other than some petty middle school crush.

    Judge me.

    Day 6 - The Person You Like And Why You Like Them

    Quite honestly, I have no crushes whatsoever on anyone. And I’m not, nor have ever really sought out relationships. Some people may think that’s weird, that I choose not to look for love, however, just because I’m not looking for it doesn’t mean I’d take interest in the right person that may happen to come along. I often have this, “School is the #1 priority,” outlook, in which I don’t really want to be tied down with a relationship and the potential for relationship drama that may end up interfering with how quickly I complete my goals in life.

    I guess when it comes down to it, I’m not a very clingy person or one who feels the need for attachment. It often appears that a lot of the time, people find a sense of comfort or satisfaction with being in a relationship that they view it as a necessity in their life that must constantly be fulfilled. Although, for me, I really don’t care either way. I’ve always sort of been the independent type; often choosing to do my own thing rather than relying on others to get things done, and I guess my views on personal work ethics seem to weave their way into my views about searching for love. People often say there is such a thing as being, “Happily Single,” and maybe that’s just the case for me… or, perhaps I’ve just found a sense of contentment within my life that I find is easier and more comfortable to maintain than to change. Still, maybe I just haven’t met the right person yet who really awes me enough to fall head over heels for them.

    Day 3 - What kind of person attracts you?

    As far as personality goes, I like a very well rounded person. Someone who is intelligent and ambitious, plans ahead and knows what they want out of life. We aren’t perfect, so I like a person who isn’t afraid to fail a few times in order to get to the top of the ladder of success, and I also like someone with a sense of humor. Life’s too short to be miserable and self-centered all the time, so that special someone has to learn to not take things so seriously, and to not pride them self on being a “bitch” because, quite honestly, that is so distasteful. I like someone who is independent; someone who could survive without a shoulder to lean on, but who doesn’t mind being spoiled every once and a while. A greedy person and a selfish person is pathetic, I don’t like people who try to take advantage of another person’s “niceness” in an attempt to get everything they want—I see through it all and I won’t tolerate it. An animal lover is a plus, and I like a cultured individual, someone who has a passion for world culture, languages, the arts, and enjoys some of the finer things in life, like going out to eat at a fancy restaurant. And most importantly, don’t be afraid to be yourself—and chances are, if you’re an ugly person on the inside it will show through even when you attempt to smother it beneath a pillow of lies.

    When it comes to physical attraction, the best way to impress me is not to flaunt every curve and crevice on your body. I don’t like attention whores. Trying to be sexy via means of being provocative and dressing scantily is only going to earn my disgust. If you’re looking for a one night stand with some wannabe pimp then go ahead and act that way, but not if you want to be taken serious. The sexiest type of person is one who is well dressed, and confident with a touch of class and sophistication. And overall, in terms of body size, I like a healthy person. I’m not particularly attracted to bigger people or stick sized individuals. 

    Some other side notes: I find smoking disgusting, I don’t like excessive drinkers, and absolutely no to people who use/abuse drugs.

    Day 2 - How Have You Changed in the Past 2 Years?

    Within the past 2 years, I made my transition from High School to the college life and I’m loving it. It’s funny to look back on things and laugh at ourselves for the silly things we used to do, or wear, or say. I feel like, while I may not have changed a whole lot, I have changed and hopefully for the better.

    In High School there is a lot of pressure to conform to certain cliques or social groups, to act a certain way and to avoid acting another, it’s about finding out who was just a phase in your life and who’s here to stay, and discovering yourself—the real you. High School to me meant never being able to express myself. Sometimes I just felt that, in High School I had allowed myself to be thrown into a boiling pot of peoples’ expectations of who I was. I was never really, loud or wildly outgoing, and I still feel as though I’m a fairly reserved individual, but leaving High School and going to college meant starting over again. No one knew me when I went to college, and I was free to define who I was once again. And I feel as though, instead of feeling awkward by opening myself up more, letting my guard down a bit more, and not being afraid to just be me, like I feel as though I was in High School, I am able to live my life more free and openly without people going, “That’s unlike him,” every few seconds. 

    I guess you could say, I learned that you should never be afraid to just be you. When you let your words and actions be dictated by those around you, you’ll never truly be happy and you’re not being real to yourself and everyone else. Just do you and everything will be A-OK! ;)