Salut mes amis! 私はマイクです。I'm a completely random, humorously witty, & deeply interesting fellow with a great love for many things. So don't be shy, just say hi.

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    bewareofthechildren-deactivated asked
    Ask for an ask Follow for a follow? How old are you? Where are you from?

    Sure. I’m going to be 22 this upcoming April 14th, and I’m from the ratchet area of Philadelphia, PA, USA.

    Anonymous asked
    I have like 900 questions to ask you, but I don't want you to get overwhelmed.

    Feel free to spam my Formspring account:

    For the most part, I don’t post a lot of asks because I don’t think my followers want Anon spam all over my Tumblr (but maybe they do). Other than that, I usually just answer User questions in private responses to try and minimize the amount of random text all over my Tumblr page, lol.

    xoforeverandneverxo-deactivated asked
    are u gunna follow me lol? and btw sweet follow my gurl lola 1017 on!

    sure ill get right on that :)

    ps: and i just noticed im already friends with her. i told her to get a tumblr a few weeks ago, is this her? 

    mysticfluid asked
    Quite honestly...I love all of your nature posts. I found you through Yelle, but it was your nature posts that made me follow you.

    thank you. while i post a a lot of stuff from a whole bunch of different topics/subjects whatever you want to call it, i do love nature and animals.

    weheartcartoons asked
    Hello! You seem to like cartoons. Check out our blog, it’s all about cartoons.
    Can you also promote our blog to your wonderful followers?
    Thank you!

    well i loved the 90s cartoons, although some more recent ones like adventure time are pretty cool