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    Anonymous asked
    are you french?

    I’m American, but I speak French and I’m currently learning Japanese. Though, I’d also really like to learn Korean and eventually Spanish. I also have an interest in Italian and Portuguese as well. If I could learn every language I would because I’m a huge linguaphile and lover of world cultures and travel.

    Study Abroad Decisions: Help Me Make Up My Mind

    OK, so, this semester I was supposed to be studying abroad through an external program in Paris, France at La Sorbonne… until things fell through several months ago because there were too many “if’s and maybe’s” about certain credits transferring or not, and I didn’t want to risk not graduating on time. Luckily, I found out I could graduate in May 2013 instead of January 2014, and so I’ve decided to finish up all my requirements for graduation and push my graduation back to August 2013 so that I can study abroad and really enjoy the experience without worry. However, this time I’m doing things through my home university, but I’m torn between wanting to go to Paris, France at La Sorbonne or to Tokyo, Japan at my home university’s Japanese university, TUJ (Temple University - Japan Campus). Another thing I’m worried about is I still have to take the GRE’s sometime soon, and get things in order with graduate schools so that I can hopefully go to grad school in Fall 2013 (instead of wasting a whole year doing nothing with my life).

    But here’s the programs:

    Paris, France @ La Sorbonne:

    • 4 week program: 4 semester hours in French, early July to early August
    • 6 week program: 6 semester hours in French, early July to mid-August

    Tokyo, Japan @ TUJ: 

    • Studies in Japanese Pop Culture: 9-10 semester hours (includes Anthropology, Asian Studies, Sociology and Japanese), late May to late July 
    • Intensive Japanese Language: 8 semester hours in Japanese, late May to late July

    Additional Info: I have a great interest in both countries, cultures, and languages. I’ve been studying French for going on 4 years now, and by the Spring 2013 semester I will be taking my last required course for my French Minor, which is at the Advanced level. However, I just started taking an Introductory Japanese class (Japanese Elements 1) this semester, and will be taking the second half of the Introductory Japanese (Japanese Elements 2), which will leave me at about an Intermediate level for when I study abroad. Both languages come easy to me, and I excel in both. I would just have to keep in mind when I’m going to take the GRE’s (Spring 2013 vs Fall 2013) and whether or not I can get accepted to a grad school and actually have time to move in if I’m accepted. Other than that, I can enjoy myself while abroad and take pretty much whatever I want.

    Any insight, experiences, etc. would be helpful and appreciated. :)

    kunnn asked
    If you could be one place in the world right now where would it be?
    and why . hahaahah

    Well, as of right now, I’m looking into study abroad programs to go to France next Fall. I’ve always loved French language and culture and I’ve yet to have gone to Europe in general, so I feel as though it would be incredibly beneficial as far as immersing myself within an entirely different cultural atmosphere, meeting new and interesting people, and becoming more proficient in the French language (which is a definite plus because I’m a French Minor in addition to just being a Psychology Major in college).

    Quick Question — Studying Abroad: France

    Planning on studying abroad in France next year during the Fall Semester, does anyone recommend any particular places aside from Paris. I’ve seen a lot of opportunities to study abroad in Lyon and Aix En Provence among a few others, however the hardest part is finding an external program to meet my Psychology major requirements (I’ve practically fulfilled my French minor requirements). Input is appreciated! :)