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    Day 6 - The Person You Like And Why You Like Them

    Quite honestly, I have no crushes whatsoever on anyone. And I’m not, nor have ever really sought out relationships. Some people may think that’s weird, that I choose not to look for love, however, just because I’m not looking for it doesn’t mean I’d take interest in the right person that may happen to come along. I often have this, “School is the #1 priority,” outlook, in which I don’t really want to be tied down with a relationship and the potential for relationship drama that may end up interfering with how quickly I complete my goals in life.

    I guess when it comes down to it, I’m not a very clingy person or one who feels the need for attachment. It often appears that a lot of the time, people find a sense of comfort or satisfaction with being in a relationship that they view it as a necessity in their life that must constantly be fulfilled. Although, for me, I really don’t care either way. I’ve always sort of been the independent type; often choosing to do my own thing rather than relying on others to get things done, and I guess my views on personal work ethics seem to weave their way into my views about searching for love. People often say there is such a thing as being, “Happily Single,” and maybe that’s just the case for me… or, perhaps I’ve just found a sense of contentment within my life that I find is easier and more comfortable to maintain than to change. Still, maybe I just haven’t met the right person yet who really awes me enough to fall head over heels for them.

    ohhitherefriends asked
    That's really cool! Yeah I'm sure with voice coaching you would be great! With just the two years I did choir and the musical in high school my voice improved immensely! Lol yeah having the lyrics definitely helps. Every song on her new album is amazing! I definitely recommend listening to it if you haven't!

    yeah im probably going to listen to more of her songs. you know shes good if she sounds amazing live.

    intricatelywonderful-deactivate asked
    That sounds like a really random place to live. I never hear of people from Nebraska!

    oh sorry, i meant NE as in North-East. i live in pennsylvania :P