Salut mes amis! 私はマイクです。I'm a completely random, humorously witty, & deeply interesting fellow with a great love for many things. So don't be shy, just say hi.

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    bewareofthechildren-deactivated asked
    Ask for an ask Follow for a follow? How old are you? Where are you from?

    Sure. I’m going to be 22 this upcoming April 14th, and I’m from the ratchet area of Philadelphia, PA, USA.

    Anonymous asked
    are you french?

    I’m American, but I speak French and I’m currently learning Japanese. Though, I’d also really like to learn Korean and eventually Spanish. I also have an interest in Italian and Portuguese as well. If I could learn every language I would because I’m a huge linguaphile and lover of world cultures and travel.

    starfiyahh-deactivated20120713 asked
    Who are your favorite authors? Ask for an ask.

    As surprising as it may seem, I’m not much of a reader nor have I ever really been much of a reader. However, I can say this, I do generally like a lot more modern literature. The Stranger by Albert Camus (which I read in both English and French) and The Road by Cormac McCarthy were probably two of my favorite books that I have ever read. I also really enjoy poetry, especially writing poetry—but even with the writing I do it more when the mood strikes rather than just out of the blue to quench my bordom.

    Anonymous asked
    If you could pick any 5 qualities in a partner, what would they be and why?

    1) Intelligent - Because it’s a huge turn on when someone is able to hold an intellectual conversation and talk about matters of actual importance from time to time. No one likes an idiot… except maybe to laugh at.

    2) Motivated - Because a person who does not set goals for themselves and is not driven to better themselves in all aspects of their life is really not worth my time. I want to be successful and lead a good life, and I want to look back and see my diligence and hard work as the primary source of my success.

    3.) Humorous - Because it’s a necessary and healthy way to let go of some of the seriousness life often throws our way and to better enjoy life overall. One word for people with no sense of humor, “NEXT!”

    4.) Compassionate - Because in such an imperfect world it’s necessary to be able to put oneself in the shoes of others (be they human or animal) and work towards positive change. This takes a very loving, empathetic, passionate individual—one who is definitely worthy of my attention.

    5.) Cultured - Because I appreciate a person with a certain manner of sophistication about them, especially those with a great appreciation for learning more about the world around them, and the many languages and cultures yet to be explored. I would travel the world if I could just to experience all the amazing sites, people, food, culture, and languages. A cultured individual is certainly a more well-rounded individual.

    My Gifyo

    Search me on under the username “MikeAlt91” for completely random pieces of my life in gif form. I promise I’ll keep you entertained! ;)

    Anonymous asked
    how old are you? and what is your sexual orientation? ;D ahhaha

    I’m twenty, and If I had a dollar for every time I’ve ever been asked my sexual orientation by a stranger I’d be a millionaire by now, I swear. At this point I just keep ‘em guessing. Get to know me, I’m a lot more interesting than a label. And also, it’s OK to not go anon… I don’t bite. :P

    Facts About Me:

    I don’t consider myself a very sensitive person, but when something is bothering me, I tend to show little or no emotion towards it. I’ll usually just laugh it off with a joke or ignore it until later. Then I’ll take the time to be alone in my room or some place quiet to think or reflect on whatever it is that’s causing me to be upset, mad, sad, frustrated, etc. I guess it’s not the best thing to bottle emotions like that, but it seems to work for me, or I at least am able to function properly in my everyday life. I rarely ever become extremely distraught or to the point where I go into a fit of rage over certain matters—I’m more of a thinker and less of a fighter, and for me to explode over a matter requires a gradual and continual process of overly negative stimulation in my day to day living. However, I guess the downside to this would be that no one will ever really know the true extent to which something is affecting me or just happened to get under my skin enough to cause me to react to it. Although, every now and then, if I am just extremely annoyed by something I won’t hesitate to open my mouth and spit the bitter truth.

    More often than not, the only time people really tend to think that something is bothering me is when I’m doing perfectly fine. Ironic, I know…

    We Ain’t No Brady Bunch!

    For the past few months, my nights have consisted of staying up too late with the coolest bunch of people I know—and cursing at myself in the morning for not going to bed earlier. They consist of laughing over the stupidest most nonsensical things imaginable. From perverted one liners to the corniest of corny jokes to booty dancing and rap battles, we’ve been there and done that. I look back on things now and think, what would I do without you. It seems almost as if we’ve become a family now—a very odd family at that. Hopefully, we continue to grow and keep in touch (and no Jordan, I’m not implying the kind of touching that has to do with caressing Vic’s inner thighs). You guys are the best and you make my day every single day! ILY, haha! :)