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    Day 5 - 5 Things That Irritate You About the Opposite/Same Sex

    1.) Girls that think that being “sexy” and “slutty” actually makes them sexy. It’s quite the opposite, sorry to burst the bubble on that one.

    2.) Guys that think they’re G’s for sleeping with all kinds of girls. In my book there are no double standards… whether they’re a guy or a girl and they have multiple sex partners in a short amount of time, they’re a whore. Don’t just label girls whores, they’ve taken the blame long enough. Stop living in lies.

    3.) Cigarette smoking. Please, I don’t want filthy, carcinogenic smoke in, on, or around me.

    4.) Guys that act like they’re some sort of macho man tough guy. They need to get a life, and need to have their self-esteem knocked down a few levels.

    5.) Girls who think “being a bitch” is something to brag about. No, in fact it’s quite unattractive and they’re only hurting themselves by losing friends, making enemies, and provoking fights.

    Day 3 - What kind of person attracts you?

    As far as personality goes, I like a very well rounded person. Someone who is intelligent and ambitious, plans ahead and knows what they want out of life. We aren’t perfect, so I like a person who isn’t afraid to fail a few times in order to get to the top of the ladder of success, and I also like someone with a sense of humor. Life’s too short to be miserable and self-centered all the time, so that special someone has to learn to not take things so seriously, and to not pride them self on being a “bitch” because, quite honestly, that is so distasteful. I like someone who is independent; someone who could survive without a shoulder to lean on, but who doesn’t mind being spoiled every once and a while. A greedy person and a selfish person is pathetic, I don’t like people who try to take advantage of another person’s “niceness” in an attempt to get everything they want—I see through it all and I won’t tolerate it. An animal lover is a plus, and I like a cultured individual, someone who has a passion for world culture, languages, the arts, and enjoys some of the finer things in life, like going out to eat at a fancy restaurant. And most importantly, don’t be afraid to be yourself—and chances are, if you’re an ugly person on the inside it will show through even when you attempt to smother it beneath a pillow of lies.

    When it comes to physical attraction, the best way to impress me is not to flaunt every curve and crevice on your body. I don’t like attention whores. Trying to be sexy via means of being provocative and dressing scantily is only going to earn my disgust. If you’re looking for a one night stand with some wannabe pimp then go ahead and act that way, but not if you want to be taken serious. The sexiest type of person is one who is well dressed, and confident with a touch of class and sophistication. And overall, in terms of body size, I like a healthy person. I’m not particularly attracted to bigger people or stick sized individuals. 

    Some other side notes: I find smoking disgusting, I don’t like excessive drinkers, and absolutely no to people who use/abuse drugs.

    xoforeverandneverxo-deactivated asked
    what's ur fav singer?

    i cant say i really have one, although i like a lot of mainstream music on the radio. and well, nicki minaj is sexy and i find her and her music interesting to listen to and look at ;)

    intricatelywonderful-deactivate asked
    Those sound like some pretty sophisticated classes. People who speak french just seem so much more intellectually inclined. It's attractive.

    ikr, intellectual + attractive make for a very sexy combination. im supposed to be studying abroad in paris next summer and im giving thought to possibly going to grad school in france too. i love it!

    Anonymous asked
    hey papi you sexy ;)

    Girl drop it to the flo I love the way yo booty goooo,
    All I wanna do is sit back and watch you move and I’ll proceed to throw this cash