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    bewareofthechildren-deactivated asked
    What's your favorite store to shop in?

    I love Urban Outfitters, it’s like my go-to store for clothing. However, I think I’m going to start taking advice from more people to shop for things online more often so that I can get the same or relatively the same looking clothing at an extremely discounted price. :)

    vaginastew asked
    omg ur name is michael and u work at michaels~~~!~@#@H$U@#QW!@*@#$*


    … sike, not really ;)

    but lemme hook you up wit sum dem crochet needles nd some yarn ya feel me? 

    Attention Respective Customers…

    Why do you insist on showing up at the store 5 minutes before close with huge purchases or returns? I don’t get it… other than the fact that you’re inconsiderate of others and will proceed to inconvenience others as long as whatever it is you are doing happens to be convenient for yourself.

    I just want to thank the lady who came in to work tonight to do just that. I thoroughly enjoyed the 35 minutes I spent with you, returning not one but two lengthy receipts worth of merchandise, of which you then made me buy back so that you could use your coupons and save money (which is against store policy anyway). I hope you’re as satisfied as I am…

    And another thing…

    When I reply with “It’s ok,” it really is not ok. I am secretly saying to myself inside my head… GTFO! ;)

    Why I Cannot Stand People:

    One Thursday evening in Michael’s…

    Me: Hello. *smiles politely*

    Customer: *says nothing* *places stuff on counter*

    Me: How are you today? *starts ringing up items*

    Customer: *says nothing*

    Me: *finished ringing* Your total is $_.__.

    Customer: *hands over cash*

    Me: Thank you.

    Customer: *still no reply*

    Me: *handing back change with receipt* Have a nice night. *polite smile*

    Customer: *says nothing and walks away*

    EFF YOU BITCH! Are you kidding me? I don’t care if you think you’re having the worst day of your life, get some friggen common courtesy and stop being so damn RUDE! Like seriously, no matter how bad my day is going I’m still able to put on a smile and be polite… and I had to work on my birthday. Get a life lady (and every other person like you), you’re a grown ass woman for gosh sakes… :/

    Work all weekend. Come home from work tonight. Study for Criminal Justice test tomorrow. Ugh, stressed already and the new week hasn’t even started. FML.  :/