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    bewareofthechildren-deactivated asked
    Ask for an ask Follow for a follow? How old are you? Where are you from?

    Sure. I’m going to be 22 this upcoming April 14th, and I’m from the ratchet area of Philadelphia, PA, USA.

    intricatelywonderful-deactivate asked
    LOL makes more sense. Not gonna lie, I googled NE and Nebraska was my first result. Not really up on my American geography haha

    lol its not a problem, im not huge on it either XD

    intricatelywonderful-deactivate asked
    That sounds like a really random place to live. I never hear of people from Nebraska!

    oh sorry, i meant NE as in North-East. i live in pennsylvania :P

    intricatelywonderful-deactivate asked
    That's so cool :) Where are you from?

    NE united states

    Guess who gets paid should there be a Government shutdown?! Take a wild guess!!


    Am I the only one who finds this appalling? It is sickening to learn that should there be a government shutdown, men and women who risk their lives daily in order to make sure we are safe are at risk of NOT getting paid, while these greedy self-absorbed congressmen/women who are ONLY concerned with their SOCIAL AGENDAS still get paid regardless? Really? Something is wrong with this.

    Dear Congress…

    Dear Congress,

    You’re all a bunch of dim-witted noobs. Get your act together and straighten things out in this country for once. Instead of worrying about petty and utterly trivial nonsense such as proving to the world how Democratic or Republican you are by conforming to your radical party values, maybe you should try less bitching and opposition and more working together and productivity. I didn’t think Ivy League graduates were this moronic… but I guess you proved me wrong.